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Atiana's mission is to provide you with a product of high quality. A great amount of consideration has been used when deciding on what materials to use. Please note that all leathers have been sourced through craftsmen in Europe. All treatments to leather have been done by hand to enhance their natural characteristics. We consider these characteristics such as marbelling, veining, irregular grain, tonal shades and their reaction to natural elements. These are not flaws but basic qualities of leather. Please embrace the wear life of the leather as it will give your shoes an authentic quality.

General care instructions include -

  • Use “breathable” water based water repellents to protect for damp or stains.
  • Use a leather conditioner occasionally as it will moisturize the leather and replace the natural oils. A gentle product like Nappa Cream will be suitable for our products.
  • Prior to using any protective or cleaning products please spot test and read instructions.
  • Avoid direct contact with harsh weather conditions.

If you have any further qustions please contact us via email.