Our philosophy is simple: everyone has an original story and vision—let’s express them with our shoes. Handcrafted in family-owned and operated factories in Portugal and Italy, Atiana shoes are made from the region’s finest materials. With our latest collection you are invited to honor your creativity by building your own color palettes through exciting shoe colorways and an array of snap-on, interchangeable studs and straps. Personally style these statement-making essentials and love them for years to come.

About the Designer

Art has always been about the freedom of choice. The choice to say what you want to say in the mould of your choosing. 

Whether it's curating my wardrobe or standing in front of a blank canvas, having those vessels of self-expression always felt like windows of opportunity. They allowed me to show the world who I was, what I stood for, and who I wanted to be that day.

Creating the Atiana brand has been my masterpiece, my vision—a way for me to bring that creativity into the life of every woman. A way to customize a piece of art that lives and moves with you throughout your journey.

 Follow our story and show us where your shoes take you @atiana_co.

xoxo, Dani